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Quila’s Mexican Restaurant

Kamloops, BC

Just two weeks since being open for business, Tequilas Mexican Restaurant is now calling itself Quila’s Mexican Restaurant because of some issues with the liquor licensing branch.  I wish I would have visited them in the first week as I would have recommended to the very accommodating and friendly chef and owner from El Salvador that she consider renaming her eatery to Quila’s Salvadorian Restaurant.   This way, we in Kamloops would have gained a cultural introduction to the cuisines of El Salvador and the restaurant would have differentiated itself from the other Mexican restaurants and Mexican wannabees already open in the city.  This newly renovated space with its mi casa es su casa decor and a distinct Salvadorian menu would have constituted a very stable foundation for a successful restaurant in any market, let alone in Kamloops.

Now onto the food! Quila’s menu is pretty diverse offering a wide selection of meats and seafood from Mexico with a hint of Latin American/El Salvadorian fusion.  Quila’s is still trying to set their kids menu but we were offered up a choice of Cheese Quesadillas or Beef / Chicken Soft Taco for $5.50, which only included juice.  We ordered the Cheese Quesadilla Kids Meal and there was nothing wrong with it but it would have been good to see the lettuce replaced by a side of rice or chips and queso.  Instead, we ordered a side of rice for $2.50 more.  

If you have been following my blog, you know that I expect copious amounts of freshly made complimentary tortilla chips and salsa and Quila’s didn’t disappoint.  We also tried out the mesa guacamole ($8.50) as a starter, made at our table with guacamole, tomato, red onions, cilantro, Quila’s secret blend of spices, and freshly squeezed lime.  This was served with more tortilla chips.  It was delicious however the flavours could have been further enhanced with a pinch of kosher salt.   iLove2Shop ordered the Chimichanga Plate ($17) and I went for the Chile Poblano A La Mar Y Terra ($25).  The Chile Poblano A La Mar Y Terra consisted of a roasted poblano chili stuffed with prawns, onions, mushrooms, spinach and Monterrey jack cheese and then topped with a marinated grilled sirloin steak and all this served atop of a bed of very light stir-fried Mexican rice.  There was also a generous portion of sautéed corn, zucchini, red peppers and green beans.  My first impression after the first bite was that I thought the food was slightly under-seasoned but the more I ate, I appreciated it not being overly salty as it allowed me to taste the distinct flavours of the different parts of the dish.  The prawns were succulent and juicy and the steak was tender and grilled to perfection.  The sum of all these parts yielded a very delicious meal.  

We were very pleased with the service as it was friendly and efficient.  The owner/chef came to our table and requested feedback and for our honest opinion.  But I’m pretty sure she never expected to receive feedback in this format.   Will we go back?  Yes we will, but I’m hoping for more of a Salvadorian touch the next time around. 

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