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East Side Mario’s

Kamloops, BC

This food blogger has no problems reviewing major chain restaurant franchises and makes no apologies for eating out at one, especially East Side Mario’s.  With its New York meets Italy ambiance and inspiration, it might not be the most authentic Italian meal, but the alignment of price, value, and taste are right on point.  Hey badda bing badda boom!

East Side Mario’s is one of my family’s favorite restaurants in Kamloops and It’s hard to review a restaurant objectively when you’ve been to it so many times.  From their Mario’s Every Day Value Meals with All-You-Can-Eat Salad or Soup to their Kids Eat Free on Monday’s, East Side Mario’s has been a frequent stop for my family. 

Today, we will show case our favorite menu choices.  The Pepperoni Pizza from the Mini Mario’s Menu was big enough to be a typical small size pizza at most other places.  The accompanying Mario’s Famous Mini-Cones are always a hit.  For an appetizer, we started with our favorite Sizzling Calamari Al Diavolo, a lightly seasoned Calamari served in a hot skillet with lots of onions, garlic, red, green and hot peppers in a tomato based sauce.  Eaten together with the complimentary garlic homeloaf, it was especially delicious.   We like it so much, that both adults ordered the same dish - Spaghettini Bolognese for our main entree.   This is a true classic and must say that it was EXCELLENT.   It is by far, in our humble opinion the best pasta dish served by any restaurant in Kamloops.   We keep on going back for more and more of their Bolognese meat sauce.  I always tell myself I will try something different but I almost always get this pasta dish. It is the best!

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