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Manhattan Grill Kamloops

The Manhattan Grill is a new franchise in town so off we went to check it out to see if it is worthy of the Big Apple reference to its name.  It’s a relatively new Canadian Restaurant Franchise with locations in Toronto and Haliburton, Ontario.  The Kamloops location is in a brand new building across from Thompson Rivers University on McGill Road.

On the inside, you will find booths that comfortably fit four adults in the middle of the restaurant along with single tables along the outer edge near the floor to ceiling glass windows.   Large black and white Manhattan Cityscape photos and flat screen TV’s tastefully decorate the walls of this surprisingly small restaurant.  We counted 8 booths, and about 8 tables on the inside along with a spacious patio at the front of the restaurant.

Because it is a new restaurant, we decided to order more food than we needed so we could try a few different things from their menu.

Each of us got a plasticized menu with a felt pen and you write on it what you want to eat and hand it back to the waitress.  Those of you who are long time readers of my blog, know that I don’t usually review each dish one at a time but I felt I needed to do it this way so I can spell out what I liked and what I didn’t like.  Yes folks, my streak of good reviews are about to come to an end.

Classic Poutine

We actually quite liked the Poutine.  We thought it tasted great but could have used a bit more Cheese Curds.  The portion size was very small and wasn’t worth the $6.99 charged for this appetizer.  It should have cost about $3.99 just because of the portion size and because that is the price listed for it on their National website.

Kid’s Meal: Chicken Strips and Fries

The fries were cooked perfectly but as for the Chicken Strips, they were very crispy and sadly way over-fried. 

Calamari,served with Garlic Aioli and lemon.

When the Calamari arrived at the table, I thought they looked over-breaded and over-fried and they were just that.  A perfect Calamari should have the lightest, crispiest, melt-in-your-mouth-iest coating over the most tender squid, and this wasn’t it.   The accompanying Garlic Aioli dip was a hit but the main star was a dud!!

Manhattan Savoury Wings - French Connection (Honey Garlic & Mustard)

I hate to repeat myself so many times but once again, another dish that was over-fried so much that it dried out the meat. 

Harlem 1/2 Pound Burger - Jerk sauce, Cucumber & Jalapeno Jack Cheese

Not everything was negative, I actually quite enjoyed this burger.  I thought the burger was very juicy and perfectly cooked.  The jerk sauce in the burger was absolutely delicious and spicy.  The cucumber, red onions, tomato and jalapeno jack cheese wonderfully complimented the burger.  

Based on our experience, we want to go back to try some of their other burgers on the menu but we will most likely pass up anything that is deep fried at the Manhattan Grill.  

UPDATE Nov 25, 2011: We went back for more. Here’s more on our revisit trip.

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  1. loopsian said: Thanks for the review. Been meaning to check it out since it opened. Look forward to trying out the burger.
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