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Menchie’s Sahali

Kamloops, BC

The kids were at school and we wanted frozen yogurt for lunch so we decided to check out Menchie’s in Sahali.   Just opened less than 24 hours ago, the froyo chain’s second location is located in the former Roger’s Video at the corner of Summit drive and Columbia street. 

The concept is simple.  You pick your choices of frozen yogurt.  Put it in a cup or a waffle bowl and dress it up with your choice of toppings and sauces.  Fill it up as much as you want or as little as you like as you pay by the weight.  It will cost you 55 cents per ounce in weight.  So you can eat as much as you care as long as you don’t mind doling out the cash to pay for it.

There are 16 froyo dispensers in the store and the selection of flavors rotate in and out every week.  Menchie’s claims to have over 100 flavors of froyo goodness and at any time, they reserve two of the dispensers for sorbet, which are non dairy. another two dispensers for tart flavors and one dispenser for no sugar added varieties. 

We really liked the big windows and the open layout of the Sahali location (We have not been to the Northshore location yet).  It is bright, very clean and welcoming.  There are lots of places to sit at this location,.  It has a good mix of high tables, low tables and it appears, with seeing the umbrellas out, they will have outdoor seating as well.   So after you have served up your froyo, you don’t have to spend too much time waiting for a table to sit down and enjoy your frozen treat.

The flavors we picked from included classic vanilla, pure chocolate, cake batter, red velvet cupcake, fruity cereal yogurt, cotton candy, island mango, chocolate hazelnut, fresh shredded coconut, banana, purely tart, black cherry tart, orchard peach sorbet, ripe red strawberry sorbet, original greek yogurt and blueberry cheesecake (no sugar added).   They even provide tiny cups to sample any or all of the flavors for a true taste bud experience.   As for toppings, there are too many to mention.  There are granolas, assorted candies, fresh fruit, nuts and even sauces, such as caramel, strawberry, and chocolate.  iLove2shop commented that she appreciated seeing all the toppings in covered containers and even though, they are technically not a nut safe location, it was nice to see the nuts separated from the rest of the toppings. 

Since it is self-serve and the yogurt comes out fast, despite my efforts, I was not able to create a swirl masterpiece so I simply focused on filling the cup with what I thought I would like for lunch.  I wanted a mix of tart, sweet and tropical.  My cup was filled with black cherry tart, cotton candy, island mango, greek yogurt and blueberry cheesecake.  I just wished that I had gotten more of the mango and the black cherry tart as they tasted the best out of the lot.  I skipped the nuts and candies and just topped them with some yummy mango and passionfruit bobbas, fresh kiwi, fresh strawberries and my new favorite topping, cheesecake pieces.  The froyo consistency was nicely frozen, smooth, thick, but creamy with no weird after taste. 

Having done this once, I can safely say that froyo for lunch was a sweet idea.  Next time, instead of going to a Starbucks to sip on a frappuccino and play on my ipad, I may just opt to go to Menchies (free wifi is available).   But before I do that, I have to take the kids there first and let them indulge in the delicious goodness that is called Menchies.

Disclosure: The owner of the Kamloops Menchie’s franchise kindly hosted our visit, but didn’t tell me what to write nor was I asked for a positive review.  All opinions are my own as that’s how I roll.

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