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D’Agostino Italian Restaurant

Kamloops, BC

I know what you are thinking, “he’s eating out two nights in a row”.  Well, I had to do it, I needed to celebrate Father’s Day with a good meal even though it is a day late.  My Father’s Day dinner at the Dynasty Gardens last night was a big bust so we went out tonight looking for retribution.  We turned to the self-professed Pizza and Pasta professionals at D’Agostino Italian Restaurant on Victoria Street.

We were greeted by a completely renovated space that was cozy, warm and inviting.  I liked the new layout, booths on the outside, and tables on the inside.  It looked like one of the restaurant transformations we typically see on Restaurant Makeover on Food Network.  I have always liked their food but thought the restaurant needed a much needed update.  But what about the food? 

After a streak of recent bad experiences, we really wanted to enjoy a good simple meal.  We wanted pasta and our kids wanted pizza and that’s exactly what we asked the Pasta and Pizza professionals to make for our dinner tonight.  But first, we wanted to try our luck with our favourite appetizer - deep fried Calamari.  D’Agostino’s Calamaria was crispy and cooked to perfection, the batter was light and we were actually able to identify the squid in it unlike our Manhattan Grill experience.  Obviously, this restaurant employs a deep frying professional as well. 

The Gnocchi (little potato dumplings) Pommodori (tomato based sauce with garlic, onions, etc) was simple, elegant and delicious.  The Spaghetti and Meat Sauce was exactly what I have been craving for the longest time.  Both dishes were excellent examples of classic comfort food, using the best sauces and adding a few simple ingredients to make some tasty creations.  As for the Pepperoni Pizza, our girls almost finished the entire 10” pizza on their own so I think it is safe to say that they loved it.  It was an excellent belated Father’s Day 2011 meal…. We were very satisfied!!! 

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