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Burger and Cafe Joy

Kamloops, BC

Have you ever tried a Japanese Teriyaki Burger?  You can do exactly that at Burger and Cafe Joy located in the Sahali Mall.  As always with any new restaurant, we ordered a little bit of everything to get a good cross-section of their menu.  We ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Teriyaki Cheese Burger, Oroshi Daikon Burger and the Pork Katsu Burger.   Service was fast, friendly and in true Japanese polite style.  I thought the food was quite good but I might be biased as I am enamored by the Japanese culture, their technology and last but not least, their food.   Some might point out that their beef burgers and buns are store-bought but for me, what matters most is the preparation and the taste of the burger.  For that, I give them full marks and major props for having the courage to open up a very different type of burger joint in Kamloops and especially in a very under-served shopping mall.  Maybe if Target ever replaces Zellers and brings in a steady flow of traffic, Burger and Cafe Joy and the other merchants in the mall will get more exposure and business.

I will definitely be back to try some of their other burgers and sandwiches, especially the Avocado Wasabi Burger.  Welcome to Kamloops, Burger and Cafe Joy.

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